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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> it took a couple of hours for them to get this chopped up and it is in walnut creek. to get it through the wood chipper, the winds knocked the trees over all over the bay area. we have video of a few of them. here are a couple that came down in oakland. one across skyline boulevard. a block away a tree fell that just missed a house. a lucky break there. in berkeley a tree caused some property damage. the limbs hit a car, a prius and the branches crushed the compact car causing a significant amount of damage. in walnut creek, we are still feeling a little bit of wind but not the gusts, the intense gusts that kept me up throughout most of the night here in the east bay, it was, really, howling and this is now a gentle breeze and hopefully the gusts are finished with no more trees. we will work the story through morning and keep you posted of
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anything else falling down. it is 4:31. is tree in foster city forced some from their homes last night partly falling on to the trade wind apartments around 10:15 last night. firefighters decided it was best to evacuate residents from the top floor as a precaution. our reporter is there with a report at the top of the hour. >> in santa clara county crews have cleared away a large branch that closed part of highway nine. the branch brought down power lines that fell on to a car. pg&e cut the electricity to the lines and everyone got out of the vehicle safely. >> in san francisco, a man dashed to get people out of way after a strong wind knocked construction blocks off of roof of the hotel last night. this is video of the incident at
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market streets. one person went to the hospital with minor injuries. >> the mix of wind and rain can be an issue with power. in antioch a supermarket on east 18th lost power. workerses supreme supreme -- workers shoppers to the door. >> several power outages affect thousands of bay area residents. the largest outage clusters are in the north bay with 1,200 homes and businesses without electricity. the peninsula has 450 pg&e customers without power 300 in the south bay and another 300 in the east by. 100 without power in san francisco. >> the storm is bringing much needed snow to the sierra and that is causing delays for drivers. if you head to sore from south lake tahoe chains are required. no chain restrictions on interstate 80 for passenger
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vehicles. forecasters expect another 14" of snow in the mountains from the storm. the area picked up between 10-15" on friday. california get as big chunk of the drinking water from the sierra snow pack, the snow melt. >> we can help you pack the bay area storms with live doppler hd. you will find it on our weather app which is free from apple app and google play. >> the case involving a dismembered body found if a suitcase in san francisco has taken an unexpected turn. mark andrus the "person of interest" has died. andrus was released from san francisco county jail last news after the d.a. decided this wasn't enough evidence to move forward. the 54-year-old went into shock after going to the hospital on saturday for a drug-related problem and died year. police say an dress was caught on video wheel around a suitcase at mission street with a headless tore so inside and the coroner is working to identify the victim.
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>> happening today, an 18-year-old driver will appear in court to answer champions he killed a woman during a street race in san jose. san jose police believe two men were racing on yerba buena island road and they collided two week ago on january 26th. one of the cars tore law a guardrail and hit 24-year-old pabla with the arraignment for one suspect today and the other driver will return to court next month. >> oakland police released a suspect sketch in the sexual assault of a 10-year old boy. this man lured the boy off 98th avenue. officers say the man was unconcept with salt and pepper area and may loiter in the area three blocks from the elementary school. the boy was able to get away. crimestoppers is offering $7,500 reward. >> suge knight will be back in court for a bail review hearing. the 49-year-old pleaded not
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guilty to murder, attempted murder and hit-and-run charges accused of running over two men killing one and badly injuring another. the attorneys call the incident "an accident." >> he struck out at cooperstown but barry bond will headline the class going into the bay area home of fame and join dusty baker including a gulfer who grew up in san jose. olympic gold medalist mostly from marin county, a skier and the late owner of the warriors of 20 years. >> go fund me campaign to raise money for victims of a deadly fire is close to the goal donating $160,000 in the last week and a half and the goal is to raised $200s by today. the fire killed one man and
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least 40 without a place to live. if you would like to donate go to fire crews are making progress containing a wind-driven wildfire that destroyed 40 home and evacuated two towns. it burned 7,000 acres on the eastern slope of the sierra and starting friday at highway 395 and now 75 percent contained. dozens of power poles down in the communities and creating hazards for 250 residents evacuated from the home. the cause is "under investigation." >> the weekend storm was everything mike predicted. and more. >> we did have a lot of rain. and thunder. good morning everyone. here is what is left over around sfo and the san mateo bridge and san carlos and redwood city and wood side headed to palo alto a few light showers coming through livermore, showers riding along 580 headed to the a mass and starting to head through the
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higher country near south of mt. diablo that could move to discovery bay and brentwood and we have a better and heavier thunderstorm right now -- not thunderstorm but showers right near rohnert park to the west. you can see how breezy it is on the roof cameras with the flags flying and some are curled you because of the winds over the weekend. bit afternoon, it will be partly sunny. rain chance is again. breezy are tapering to manageable levels and it will be dry. we will be in upper 50 to low 50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest us. 87 is dry around the shark tank. look at our temperatures jump to nearly 70 on wednesday and all of us in low-to-mid 70s by thursday and we will have the mold and pollen in the air. leyla gulen? the san mateo bridge is gusty. as mike has been wanting us, that means we have c.h.p.-issued high wind a surprisery.
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if you travel cross the bridge be careful to use both hands. across the bay area, so far we have convey it conditions in most places where we do have a big incident is here in tracy westbound along 580 at the parkway an overturned big rig and we are finding out that possible wind having contributed to the action. slow down your speed if you have a high sided vehicle or take a lower are file vehicle. you can see the slowing westbound along 580 before 205 and to the altamont pass. that accident has been around since 10:00 last night. we will have more details on when it will clear. >> people in the northeast are waking up to another major snowstorm this morning. next the extraordinary measure an east coast city is taking to clear away tons of snow. >> recent security purchases at major companies to a big change
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in the on-line account and you may soon need more than a user name and password. >> we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza still light in terms of the traffic. remember what leyla gulen said about both hands on the steer wheel with the winds. we are keeping weather and traffic through the entire commercial break with abc7 news so you are why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. the volvo presidents day invitation. this month, lease the xc60
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make breakfast pop. warnings about isis and how it could pose a greater problem for america than al-qaeda. >> we are joined from new york with the latest on an american held captive. good morning, kristen the parents of hostage kayla mueller are hoping their daughter is still alive today. this as coalition troops continue their assault against isis targets. jordan is firing back against
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isis. they have launched 50 airstrikes in retaliation for the but dallas burning of a major detain an -- a jordanian pilot. the chief the air force says isis lot 0 percent of the capability and 7,000 firefighters. >> it has galvanized the coalition and unified the coalition. >> in an interview with abc retired marine corps general the man in charge of the fight against isis said jordan's response has been critical against the group who is even more formidable than al qaeda. >> do you believe isis poses a threat to the homeland? >> we should take it seriously. >> sis has affected this section of the homeland in arizona. an aide worker 26, held hostage by isis was killed allegedly in a jordan attack. her parents are clinging to hope their daughter is alive. >> the strain of not knowing where their daughter is and whether she is alive or not is
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something that is starting to wear on them. >> the united states claims there is no evidence of kayla's death. the major -- jordan gover says it is propaganda but the parents made a direct appeal to isis saying her well-being is "your responsibility." >> security breaches at an temperature and j.p. morgan chase bank could lead to tougher online security. law enforcement officials tell "time" magazine that a top new york senator is likely to impose new cyber security rules on much of the banking and insurance industries that could require companies to go beyond the simple user name and pass yesterday identity checks required to access computer networks. additional security measures could include sending a confirmation number to a person's cell phone or using a fingerprint. >> they keep you connected while you are on the road but a lawmaker fears the technical
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gadgets may not protect you from hackers. a maine senator looks at the security of wireless technology in new cars and 16 automakers responds and they found the answers show a "clear lack of security measures to protect drivers from people trying to steal personal information." >> in cyber security we will top the agenda when president obama comes to the bay area this week. the president is scheduled to speak at a cyber security summit at stanford on friday. the event is expected to attract top leaders from silicon valley. friday evening, the president will attend a democratic national committee fundraiser in san francisco. >> this morning the northeast is being pounded by another major storm and post is in the bull's area. we did not know if there is any relationship between that and the super bowl but look at the snow from the city showing conditions of more than 1' of snow and a foot more is expected the next few days. schools are closed until wednesday and slick roads sent cars to the snow bangs from new
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hampshire to vermont. this is the third storm to hit region in the last three weeks and boston, alone, has spent $18 million removing snow. the city is bringing in special machines that can melt up to 350 tons of snow an hour. they still will not be able to keep up. >> we still could have used more snow, the rain was great and mike will have something better for the snow pack. >> a lost ski resorts got a foot, and some did not receive a foot depending on the latest information. i cannot wait to find out how much more we have, we were at 21 percent on friday. that was low. the richmond side shows the toll plaza on rich man san rafael bridge is wet. on the other side of the live doppler hd you can see as you head to san san quentin there is a lighter shower there and that will head right to the north of richmond and to san pablo. a better radar return shows 116 on the western side of rohnert
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park at stony point road and a few more areas of yell he and red near jenner, a brief downpour is possible as they race off to the east. you can see the wind blowing southwest to necessary and up to 14-15 miles per hour at our reporting stations. i looked at the golden gate bridge which we are seeing gusting to around 35 miles per hour. it is going to be a tough drive over our water. or on our bridges this morning. it will be bride and calmer dug the afternoon. we will flip the switch. limited fog tonight with dry air behind this system. building warmth will feel like spring by the end of the week and into to weekend. here is the low: lieu -- look how wrapped up it is. it will take another five or six hours to get out of here and take the showers. in the afternoon we will have partly sunny conditions with
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low-to-mid 60's and tonight look at the limited nature of the fog, a little bit in the santa similar valley and the central valley with temperatures cooler tonight, 38 in santa rosa and upper 30's in the san ramon valley and everyone else in the low-to-mid 40's inland and we will have low-to-mid 40's around most of the coast and bay until you get to san mateo, richmond san francisco at half moon bay. at 7:00 in the morning, by noon there are scattered showers and the best chance across the north bay because of the way the winds are blowing and you are closest to the low the by action it is gone and dry air overnight taking away the clouds and a chance for fog. the seven-day forecast shows 70's return on wednesday, to the bay, and all of us should be right near the low-to-mid 70's on thursday through the valentine's day weekend. >> we have bay bridges. we do have gusty conditions as
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you cross the water deepwater san francisco and across the san mateo and golden gate bridge bridge. the richmond-san rafael bridge: it is wet. there will be a storm pushing through. we will see slick and windy conditions. that is not a good mix. make sure you drive on the slower side. we have this accident, wind could have contributed to it westbound 580 an overturned big rig one lane only opened and that is causing the pain at tracy at nine miles per hour is the top sped and the push along when 205 meeting with 580 is continuing and clear offer the altamont pass. it is only going to take you 29 minutes from tracy to dublin and highway four is clear from antioch to concord. at&t has something to boast about this morning. >> and a new robot to help people who forget to zipper up.
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>> in today's tech byte the tv could be spying on you samsung's smart tv use voice recognition technology. according to the privacy policy it is a fee their can can capture your spoken word and transmit them to a third party the users can deactivate the feature. >> a new droid ad is viral in the google "be together," with adorable and unexpected pairings >> how about a new gadget: a zipper that zips itself. it is not just for the absent minded however it could be very handy for the paraplegic and others who are disabled. the self-zipping zipper was developed by a personal row budget group at m.i.t. university. >> a powerful member of congress says it is time the nation
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rethings how measles vaccinations are given. his plan to make them easier to get. >> also, we know our commutes are long but part of the bay area where they are longer than the rest. >> taking a look outside our rooftop camera showing the ferry building and the flags waving in the breeze and gusty out had, especially on the bridges. be careful. more news and weather this is an allen
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>> new york senator showers and thunderstorms is urging the centers for disease control to make measles shots free and widely available like a flu vaccine. he made the recommendation yesterday after the centers for disease control says that at least 102 people in 14 states have now contracted the illness. he is urging the centers for disease control to provide vaccinations to schools and health clinics health officials almost young persons get two dozes and adults get one
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booster. it was said to be eradicated but is making a comeback because of low vaccination rate. >> the time for marin commuters to get to and from work is greater than the bay area average. the transportation committee founds as region the average bay area commuter takes 28.1 minute to get to work. for marin drivers the number is 28.6 minutes the longest commutes in the bay area were recorded in 2000 when the "" boom made it 29.4 minutes. >> there will be a hockey rain at levi stadium in santa clara when a big ice making we truck arrives from toronto this afternoon. that will begin the count down to the first ever outdoor nhl game in northern california. the san jose sharks will host their division rivals, the los angeles kings, on saturday, february 21, at 7:00 p.m.
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thank you is always a big event. and well attended. >> coming into san francisco it is 60 downtown. 59 at ferry building and crissy field. sunny side is 56 and west portal is 55 and a last our temperatures are in the mid-50's to nearly 60 degrees in san leandro and saratoga is 56 a cool spot. headed up to the sierra through 4:00 this afternoon, we have the winter national weather service and south wind is 25 to 35 miles per hour with snow extending down to the grapevine but it does not extend into the grapevine. headed to los angeles the temperature is 73. lake tahoe is 44. if you think of taking mass transit we have 30 bart trains running on time. ace train is also on time but you are not going to be on time if you are traveling along when 580 before you get to mountain house parkway where we have an overturned big rig and original one lane gets you by and it is because of the high winds that the big rig flipped the nine miles per hour is the top sped.
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check out the delays. it is painful. also quite slow along westbound 205. by contrast, san jose south bay is looking clear along 101 traveling up to the san jose airport and you are at 61 miles per hour, 280 clear into cupertino and highways 85 87 and 17 no delays. happening this week, a big step in the state capital that could change how we get around and live in our homes. lawmakers are ready to introduce legislation aimed at reducing gasoline consumption by 50 percent by the year 2030. to do that they want to have california people drive less and shift to electric and hybrid vehicles and they want california to get half of the energy from wind and solar in five areas. the proposal is in line with governor brown's state climate change goals. lawmakers will rent their proposals to the state senator tomorrow. spacex will make the second attempt today to land a rocket on a floating barge.
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the attempt was supposed to be made yesterday but nasa postponed the launch because of a problem with the radar system that tracks the rocket. he will try against this afternoon. the expected launch time is local time so 12:07 our type. >> the music world is likely celebrating the biggest nights. >> grammy goes to... my gosh the i have to try and say something without crying. >> big night for sam smith take home four grammys including "song of the year," and "record of the year." beyonce and pharrell williams won three. beck shocked some of fellow performers when he won "album of the your," including kanye west who pretended to reenact the moment when he interrupted taylor swift's acceptance speech at the video music awards a few years back. we have a complete list of winners at
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a prostitute steals a weapon and the badge of a bay area police officer after a one-night stand. the reaction from his department that surprised people in the community. >> the "person of interest" in a bizarre san francisco death suddenly dies. it could complicate the police investigation. stay tuned.
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broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is a few seconds away from 5:00 a.m. on monday, february 9 and boy, did we just get away with the nice shower all the way to the weekend and is heavy winds and my god it was wet. >> like winter. >> 43 days without measurable rain if san francisco before that happens, second longest streak during the winter months. >> if you want to take the crow cannian it is wet to blackhawk right now. we have showers in the santa cruz mountain and across the north bay where they are heavier. if you take the ferry, we have gusts around 35 miles per hour on the water this morning. here is the 12 hour day planner, 52 to sick still a few lingering showers in the north bay, 58 to 62 same temperatures at 4:00 and dry and calmer and by 7:00 we are 52 to 56 degrees. the rain is over. put your umbrella away after the commute our during the evening


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